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Chastity Belt Time Delay Key Holding

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What is EmlaLock.comSolo chastity (or self chastity) is the practice of locking yourself into a chastity device in order to deny yourself genital stimulation. Our online, virtual keyholder service lets you engage in real self chastity through chastity sessions which define when you will be released. You can create sessions for your own or be the holder for other users if you like to. If you are in a session you can gamble for decrease the session duration, but be careful: you can also add time to your duration. Nearly 100 options for your chastity session EmlaLock gives you the possibility to create the chastity session you dream of. We also have monthly updates for more free stuff for our nearly 10.000 users.
How does EmlaLock work?What you do is go to a home improvement store, pick up a realtor's lock box (around $30 or so) with a combination lock, the more numerals/letters, the more secure. When you are ready to start a session, you set the combination to random, snap a photo of the lock box without looking at the photo, and then upload the photo. After your session is over you get the photo back and can release yourself
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