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The EmlaLock API

We also have a small API where you can add time by your own and get some information about your session.

What You Need

To use the API you need your userid and a API key. You will find both in the settings section. If you want a new API key, you can also just generate a new one in the settings sections. The old API key would be discarded.

The Requests

You will find all requests in this here

Short Terms

The time values can be in seconds (like 607591) or in short terms (like W5D4H7M34S12) The syntax for short terms:

Term Meaning Example
W Weeks W5 = 5 weeks
D Days D4 = 4 days
H Hours H7 = 7 hours
M Minutes M34 = 34 minutes
S Seconds S12 = 12 seconds
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